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Oct 8, 2014

Personal Sense of Home

Home is a space where I can be both alone yet be surrounded by people. It allows me to be surrounded by love yet still be able to find space to love myself. It is a space that is both quiet and loud. Ideally, a home is filled with warmth, comfort, fun, love, and connection. Overall, my ideal home comes from what I am accustom to. It comes from what makes me happy and at peace.

I enjoy solitude because it is a space where I can work quiet and efficiently. However, I do not like being alone. I enjoy the time I have with my love ones and would not give that up to live alone. Moreover, I love to blast my music, but I also like to shut off all noises when I need to concentrate. It is a space where I can adjust things however I want to, from loud to quiet, cold to hot.

Living in California my entire life has also played some influence in my beliefs of an ideal home. It is a place that is filled with light, life, and warmth. Moreover, moving to Washington for school has made me realize how I do not enjoy working far away from home. I enjoy traveling, but not for long duration. Moreover, the internet has become my solace in my quest to relieve my homesickness. It has become a way for me to stay connected to people as well as meet new people. Internet has taught me that I am so dependent on social connections despite my wanting to live alone. Home is to be around those I love within a reasonable distance where I am able to visit and see them. Home is where I can be comfortable.

Oct 6, 2014

Ride, Don’t Walk

Riding in a wheelchair was a strange experience. I was the first partner to complete the activity, and when I first sat down, I noticed how it affected my horizon line and how dramatic of a change it was from a standing position to a seating perspective. The first thing I realized was how difficult it was to move around and how limited my reach/abilities were. It truly impacted how I performed my daily task.

In addition to the constant shocks I received, I discovered how wall placement affects the ability to maneuver a wheelchair especially in the restroom when there is inadequate space to even make a complete turn. Moreover, the ramps for accessibility can be dangerous if the slope is too steep, or if there are uneven flooring/pavement on the ground. Even though it would cost a lot to renovate things, it would benefit those needing accessible spaces in the long run.

Furthermore, my ability to even reach for something on my on that was place well above 48” was impossible with asking for help. And, doors were difficult to open the doors without it hitting my feet or pushing my backwards. Being able to experience things like reaching the highest cabinet, opening doors, being able to maneuver through crowds in a wheelchair showed me how much I take it for granted that I do not have a disability. It also made me realize the importance to create universal designs for anyone. It may be costly to build elevators, install grab bars, expand spaces, but it will allow everyone to coexist, to contribute in one environment. Lacking barriers will truly allow everyone to make use of a space equally and as easily.